Welcome to Ipswich Opportunity Group

Ipswich Opportunity Group is a registered charity set up 30 years ago to support families who have pre-school children with a wide range of additional needs, including physical, sensory and learning difficulties.

There are three separate groups, Monday morning for the very young and more vulnerable children, Monday afternoon and Friday morning for the older children. These are held at the Salvation Army Hall on Woodbridge Road.

The sessions provide appropriate play activities including creative, constructive and physical play.  The atmosphere is friendly and informal.  Snack and music times are an important part of the sessions providing social time and opportunities for choices and independence.

Augmentative communication is used in all sessions by signing, pictures and symbols. There is a high ratio of adults in all sessions.

Parents/carers benefit from support from experienced staff as well as from each other. They may go into another room for part of the session where they can share experiences over a cup of coffee while staff and volunteers look after their children.

We are constantly raising funds to keep the group running.  We are grateful for any support to enable us to continue running Opportunity Group sessions.